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2014/2015 Election results


Below are the results of CASG’s 2014/2015 elections. Any questions can be forwarded to Harrison Boyd at


John Mesman 39 (58.21%)
Dan Crich 24 (35.82%)
Abstain 4 (5.97%)

Total answered: 67

VP Internal

Katrina Crocker 45 (67.16%)
Randy Fox 15 (22.39%)
Not answered 2 (2.99% )
Abstain 5 (7.46%)

Total answered: 65

VP Operations

Mohamed El Koussy 27 (40.3%)
Ayesha Landon-Browne 23 (34.33%)
Kas MacMillan 6 (8.96%)
Zameer Masjedee 7 (10.45%)
Abstain 4 (5.97%)

Total answered: 67

VP Academic

Tanvir Janmohamed 40 (59.7%)
Roy Sengupta 8 (11.94%)
Jessica Mullin 16 (23.88%)
Abstain 3 (4.48%)

Total answered: 67

FASS Coordinator
2 positions, 1 candidate

The candidate is Liban Mohammed.

I support this candidate: 38 (56.72%)
I do not support this candidate 13 (19.4%)
Abstain 16 (23.88%)
Total answered: 67

Scholarship update



Very pleased to announce this years CASG scholarship winners!
Colton Brydges
Christine Ackerley
Bushra Khan
Marc Bedard
Amanda Remotto de Rezende
Mohamad Mohamad
Robert Macleod
Anita Ampadu
Caitlin Salvino
Charles McIvor
Alycia Coulter
Natalie Dillon
Joel Tallerico
Victoria Klassen
Sophia Mirzaye
Thank you to everyone who applied this year. There were lots of great applications this year. We encourage you to apply next year as well.
Please let me know if you have any questions
Maddy Porter
Vice President Academic

Meet the Candidates


The candidates for CASG’s 2014/2015 Executive and Coordinator teams can be found here.

Candidates will be making presentations in Canal 2104 on March 31st at 6PM

Any questions about the election or for the candidates can be forwarded to Harrison Boyd

CASG Presents: Frank Warren

Announcements, General Interest


“PostSecret Live” is a multi-media presentation by Frank Warren, founder of PostSecret. See the postcards that were banned from the books. Hear the inspiring and funny stories behind the secrets. Share your secret at the microphone. It’s about recognizing something about yourself that you see in others. About courage. Sharing in the joys and fears of others. About finding a deeper sense of authenticity or self-discovery.

On Wednesday, February 5th at 8pm CUSA, CASG, SAMH and CAB invites you to come watch Frank Warren share the story of the PostSecret project and the lives he has affected along the way.

The presentation will take place in the atrium of the River Building. Tickets are available at the CUSA front desk. In lieu of charging for admission we are asking that students donate for a ticket. We have chosen the Jack Project, which promotes mental health and wellness for youth in Canada.

Scholarship Applications are now open!

Announcements, General Interest

CASG’s Scholarship application is now open! This year your elected representatives have increased the fund to allow for 5 additional scholarships, for a total of 15. We firmly believe that scholarships are one of the best ways to exemplify academic achievement, as well as to make sure that students are not burdened by financial worry during their studies.

The application can be found here. Submissions are due February 14 at 4:00 PM. If you have any questions please contact myself, or Harrison Boyd.

We look forward to reviewing your applications!



Maddy Porter
Vice-President (Academic), Carleton Academic Student Government


Harrison Boyd
President, Carleton Academic Student Government