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CASG & Senate Important Updates: Election Time!


Student Senate Nominations have NOW CLOSED. 

Nominations have closed and election ballots will be sent out, unless you are in the Faculty of Engineering. CASG and the Senate Office are still looking for students in engineering to serve on the Carleton University Senate. Please contact  John Mesman at for more info!

Senate Academic Search Committees: Last Chance!

We are still looking for students to serve on Senate Academic Search Committees, please contact the Senate Office at by September 11th if you are interested in serving on any of the following committees (please send them your name, student number and a brief statement of interest):

Senate Academic Program Committee
2 undergraduate students
Senate Committee on Curriculum, Admissions and Studies Policy
2 undergraduate students
Academic Governance Committee
1 undergraduate student
Senate Committee on Student Awards
1 undergraduate student (must be a prestigious scholarship/ award recipient)
Library Committee
1 undergraduate student
Honorary Degree Committee
1 undergraduate student
Educational Equity Committee
1 undergraduate student
Student Academic Integrity Appeals Committee
1 undergraduate student

Nominations for CASG Department Representative Positions are now being accepted!

For more info:

For nomination forms:

Nominations for the Carleton University Senate

Nominations for Student Senator positions on the Carleton University Senate are now being accepted!


Students who have previously served as a representative on the Carleton Academic Student Government (CASG) may seek election to serve on the Carleton Senate to represent their faculty.

Nominations are being accepted for the following student senate positions:

One (1) Faculty of Science Representative

One (1) Faculty of Business Representative

Two (2) Faculty of Engineering Representative

Three (3) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Representative

Three (3) Faculty of Public Affairs Representative


Questions regarding this election may be directed to John Mesman, CASG President and Student Governance Coordinator at
Click here to submit an online nomination.

New Year, New Execs!


Election season, winter exams and the cold have finally gone away, and with that begins the summer, hopefully nice weather, and a new year for the CASG Executive Team. The new executive team has finally begun to get settled in, and the task of mapping out the year ahead has begun.

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If you have questions, concerns, or are looking for more information about Carleton’s Academic Student Government please get in touch with your new Executives, we would love to hear from you!


John Mesman – President and Student Governance Coordinator 


Katrina Crocker – Vice President Internal


Mohamed El Koussy – Vice President Operations


Tanvir Janmohamed – Vice President Academic


2014/2015 Election results


Below are the results of CASG’s 2014/2015 elections. Any questions can be forwarded to Harrison Boyd at


John Mesman 39 (58.21%)
Dan Crich 24 (35.82%)
Abstain 4 (5.97%)

Total answered: 67

VP Internal

Katrina Crocker 45 (67.16%)
Randy Fox 15 (22.39%)
Not answered 2 (2.99% )
Abstain 5 (7.46%)

Total answered: 65

VP Operations

Mohamed El Koussy 27 (40.3%)
Ayesha Landon-Browne 23 (34.33%)
Kas MacMillan 6 (8.96%)
Zameer Masjedee 7 (10.45%)
Abstain 4 (5.97%)

Total answered: 67

VP Academic

Tanvir Janmohamed 40 (59.7%)
Roy Sengupta 8 (11.94%)
Jessica Mullin 16 (23.88%)
Abstain 3 (4.48%)

Total answered: 67

FASS Coordinator
2 positions, 1 candidate

The candidate is Liban Mohammed.

I support this candidate: 38 (56.72%)
I do not support this candidate 13 (19.4%)
Abstain 16 (23.88%)
Total answered: 67

Scholarship update



Very pleased to announce this years CASG scholarship winners!
Colton Brydges
Christine Ackerley
Bushra Khan
Marc Bedard
Amanda Remotto de Rezende
Mohamad Mohamad
Robert Macleod
Anita Ampadu
Caitlin Salvino
Charles McIvor
Alycia Coulter
Natalie Dillon
Joel Tallerico
Victoria Klassen
Sophia Mirzaye
Thank you to everyone who applied this year. There were lots of great applications this year. We encourage you to apply next year as well.
Please let me know if you have any questions
Maddy Porter
Vice President Academic