Carleton Academic Student Government has a proactive volunteer program for those that want to help out in a leadership role at Carleton University. All students at Carleton are able to become Directors or Active Volunteers, and CASG representatives are especially encouraged as well to take on a more proactive role.

Directorship program:

CASG has a directed volunteer program in the form of the Directorship program. Directors work directly under an executive and have a specific task. There are several directorship positions open now, please see this link for information on them.

To become a director please submit your resume and cover letter saying which directorship you are interested in to

Become a director member today, gain experience and get involved in your Student Government! If you are looking for something less structured you can also be an active volunteer:

Active Volunteering:

Being an active volunteer means helping to plan, run and promote CASG events and activities. By being actively involved in 3 or more events in 2009/2010 you are eligible for a letter of reference from CASG, a invitation to all active-member/representative parties and a guarantee of nomination to CASG representative in the following year by the CASG executive. All you have to do is volunteer to help for three jobs or more, and get each one signed off by a CASG executive or a professor (if the job is making class announcements).

Jobs could include (minimum three required for Active Volunteer Status):
Making 5 class announcements
Putting up 50 posters
Assisting in organizing an event (set-up/during event organization/take-down)
Tabling in the Atrium
Other jobs as agreed upon between CASG executives and Volunteer.

Why be a Volunteer or Director?
Personalized Letter of Reference
Getting involved in school
Resume Building
$50 Gift Certificate to the University Bookstore if work is completed well

If you are interested in this opportunity please email your statement of interest in Active Membership to To start doing jobs today and become an active volunteer contact us at today!