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About Student Representatives:
CASG Representatives sit on the board responsible for the academic requirements of their Major and the Faculty board above it.  These boards are comprised of all Faculty within the teaching unit, or Faculty as well as the students elected in CASG elections. Students elected have a full voice and an equal vote on these boards.

CASG Representatives also sit on Carleton Academic Student Government Council, the highest decision-making body of CASG. At these meetings they discuss issues that affect the entire student body and make proposals to the Senate of Carleton.

CASG Representatives also are the only students eligible to serve on Carleton’s Senate as Student Senators, and run for Student Government Coordinator/other executive positions within the Academic Student Government.

The normal time-commitment is about two hours a week for CASG Representatives. These positions are volunteer positions and not paid.

Number of positions: There are multiple Carleton Academic Student Government Representative (CASG Representatives) for each major. The number of CASG Representatives depends on the department, but is usually at least two representatives per major. If you would like to know the number of positions for your major please contact the CEO.

How to become a CASG Representative:

The nomination period for CASG Representative positions is now closed. However some seats still remain vacant. If you’re interested in filling one of the vacancies, please contact the Vice President Internal.

Note that some societies run their elections at an earlier time than CASG. For more information on society involvement and if your departmental election is run by a society please contact us at

Nominations for CASG Representative are on a self-nomination basis. In order self-nominate to become a CASG Representative for [a vacant position] for your major please send an email to the Vice President Internal with the following information:

Full Name:
Student ID:
Email Address:
Contact Phone number:
Write-up: (a write up, not totaling more than 100 words, stating who you are, what you bring to the position, and what you would do if elected to the position.)
Major and year:

Selection of Candidates: The general election is now closed. Candidate profiles are viewed by students before they vote and little to no campaigning is the normal course for this type of elections. For more information on the elections, and positions, please see the policy on elections at Department Policy.

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