FASS Coordinators

FASS Coordinators:


Contact: fass [at] casg.ca


About the Office of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Coordinators:

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Coordinators are responsible for organizing, scheduling and facilitating meetings with the departmental and first year FASS representatives. It is the responsibility of the FASS Coordinators to ensure accuracy in the submission of minutes (to the VP Internal), as well as the attendance of its members at Departmental Meetings, Faculty Board Meetings, Faculty Representative Meetings and CASG General Assembly Meetings.

FASS Coordinators must recruit, train and encourage all of its members to actively participate in the Carleton Academic Student Government organization by performing class talks, speaking with departmental societies, administration, faculty and students.

In addition, FASS Coordinators are responsible for meeting with their representatives once a month (i.e. Faculty Representative Meetings). The Faculty Rep Meetings are to be organized in a joint effort by the Coordinators. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to): formulating and distributing the agenda in advance, scheduling, room booking, ordering food/refreshments, and keeping track of attendances.

FASS Coordinators are leaders who are passionate for Carleton Academics; the position of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Coordinator demands well-organized, enthusiastic, intellectual, and hardworking individuals who are capable of facilitating over thirty CASG student representatives.

Departmental Positions under the FASS Coordinators:

About the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Coordinators:

My name is Ashley Grenstone, I identify as a trans woman and I am passionate about engaging and coordinating student representation within our University’s structure. Basically I enjoy organizing, so this should fit like a glove, lol.

I am a 3rd year undergrad majoring in Human Rights with a minor in Political Science. During my time at Carleton I have been an exec for several clubs and societies, including the Carleton Firearms Club and the Word Warriors Society. I have previously worked through the university as a mentor for first year students and for high school students. I have also contributed to the visual landscape of Carleton, having designed logos for two programs, and an upcoming department logo.

A bit about my character: I can come off as very nervous or even timid, so bare with me if you happen to approach me and I I look like I’m going to dash for the nearest exit -that’s just my body’s way of trying to play dead. Despite this I am actually quite happy to talk with you.

With all that in mind, I am looking forward to an awesome year ahead for all of us at CASG!

My name is Liban Mohammed and I am a third year student studying environmental studies with a minor in psychology. I have previously served CASG as the representative for Environmental Studies and am excited to continue as the FASS coordinator. Over the past two years I have been an active member of Carleton community and have what it takes to achieve what students need from CASG. I am very interested to help Carleton community and I believe that my background, skills, knowledge and my confident will provide many valuable contributions.