VP Operations


Vice President Operations: Mohamed El Koussy


contact: vpoperations@casg.ca

About the office of the Vice President Operations:

The Vice President Operations (VPO), is responsible for advertising CASG as an organization so that students know about CASG and are more likely to use the services of CASG. The VPO works to improve awareness of CASG through public relations including but not limited to:


-Advertising in and working with campus newspapers

-Regularly post on newsgroups targeting Carleton University including Facebook and Twitter

The VPO represents CASG at CUSA Council, RRRA Council, Carleton Student Activities Fund Committee, Carleton Orientation Committees, and the Carleton CUTV Committee. The VPO maintains and enhances relationships with Carleton Administration, CUASA, CUSA, RRRA, GSA, SFUO and the Alumni Association. The Vice President Operations is responsible for building relationships with and supporting academic/departmental/faculty societies at Carleton University with the assistance of the VP Societies.


About the Current Vice President Operations:

Hello Ravens! My name is Mohamed El Koussy and we have a great year ahead of us!

I’m in my third year of Honours in Neuroscience & Mental Health. It’s been a long journey but I’m pleased to have called Carleton my home.

Outside of the CASG life, I am employed by CUSA as one of the Clubs & Societies Commissioners. I am also the 2-time President of Salam Association. In the past I’ve been the Social Programming Director of the Muslim Students’ Association, the CUSA Clerk as well as many other student club positions since my 1st year.

When I’m not studying or working to helping the student community, I’m dabke-ing around the school (CHECK THIS OUT!) or volunteering at various hospitals around the city.

I hope to represent our organization to the fullest of my ability and help benefit student leaders in clubs & societies through the Academic Initiative Fund to benefit the overall student body.

I look forward to seeing you all in council! If you have any questions or simply want to say hi, please feel free to contact me at anytime at vpoperations@casg.ca or meet me in person!

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