Call for Nominations: Student Senators

The University Senate has put forth a call for nominations for Students Senators. 

Elected Senators will serve a 1 year term, starting June 1, 2012.

If you are interested in serving on Senate, please email your nomination to Andrew Kwai ( and CC Alexander Golovko (

The requirements to sit as a Student Senator are that you have served a minimum one (1) year term on CASG, and are an undergraduate intending on returning as an undergraduate student on September 1 in the Faculty you are running for.

Uncontested positions will be acclaimed, while contested positions will be determined by electronic ballot sent out by the Secretary of Senate.

The number of positions available by Faculty are:

Arts and Social Sciences -3
Business -1
Engineering and Design-2
Public Affairs-3

Best of luck to all,
Andrew Kwai
Vice President Academic

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